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What is M.I.ND.S.©?
M.I.ND.S.© is an acronym for "Mind Inspired New Dynamics System."

The M.I.ND.S.© System offers individualized
plans of action for overcoming anxiety and depression, healing relationships and releasing old baggage and stress. 

Once you have completed the program, facilitated by Whitney Sutherland Murdock,  you will have learned how to take complete control of your Life.

If you want to live in a world of end-less possibilities,  M.I.ND.S.©  is the program for you.

Whitney will guide you every step of the way so that you will learn how to
et go of a lifetime of negativity, subconsciously and consciously with advanced m
nd 'plans of action.'

You will learn how to release  'negative root causes' and handle all challenges.  You will learn how to master anxiety, depression and  achieve positive motivation and increased energy for health, happ-iness, spirituality, and success.

Mind vs Brain
Your Brain Is Third Dimensional.  It  has three principal structures. The largest is the cerebrum which is the center for intellectual functioning or reasoning.

The cerebellum is the second structure. It helps us to stand tall and not fall over. It is in charge of balance.

The third structure is the medulla, a stem leading into the spinal column, which helps to handle involuntary tasks like respiration. These three structures work together to help carry out the role of cognition, but they are not mind itself. Mind is not a physical entity.

Your Mind is Fifth Dimensional.  It is pure vibrating energy. It is a non-physical element that conducts “thought” faster than the speed of light and retains all
experience whether consciously addressed by the thinker or not.

The Mind can create substance from nothing. It contains the aura,  (energy).  It can project to other minds in all dimensions and receive from them also.

The Mind communicates in the language of feeling. It has a profound effect on the energy level of the physical body which temporarily houses it, and has the capacity to heal its own physical house as well as that of others.

The Mind is often referred to as a Spark of the Divine or as a wave on the vast limitless ocean of the cosmic ever-present possibility of what IS.

Our minds, due to their nature as a spark or wave of a much greater, infinite intelligence, are capable of unbelievable things.
You Are What You Believe

Whatever you hold in your Mind will tend to occur in your Life.

If you continue to Believe as you have always believed, you will continue to Act as you always acted.

If you continue to Act as you have always acted, you will continue to Get what you have always gotten.

If you want to make a Diffence in your Life and your Work,  
All you have to do is . . . 

Change Your Mind.
Upon Completion of your
Our Healing M.I.N.D.S.© Course
You may become eligible to
participate in our

facilitated by
Maya Ohm Mahatma
(Whitney Sutherland Murdock's Spiritual Name)

THis is an Advanced Course in Healing Yourself
and your Life which also includes learning
Special Healing and Wholing Modalities
such as Reiki and Emerald Star Healing
as well as Techniques for Inter-Dimensional
Communication and Travel.

E-Mail Whitney for more Information.
NOTE:  Because Whitney has dedicated her life to being "In Loving Service to the One and ALL" she does not normally charge for her services.   Howver, maintaining the website, mailing list and chat rooms for the Our Healing Minds website can be quite expensive.  Any Donations/Love Offerings you can send to her would be greatly needed as well as appreciated.  The suggested Love Offering/Donation for Student Membership to Our Healing Minds is $10-$20/month and the suggest Love Offereing/Donation for Private Counseling is $50.00/hr.  Donations/Love Offerings can be made through Pay Pal  by clicking on the link below.

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